Be Happy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Life is to be enjoyed not to be endured’

” I just want to happy”. These are words that I hear on a regular basis.

Why is it that here in the western world we have a higher standard of living than ever before.
We live in better houses, have more money, enjoy more time saving devices than ever (and growing).

We enjoy better travel facilities, improved medical care,  have access to more entertainment, yet more and more people are unhappy?

What is happiness anyway?

How would you define happiness?

In his book ‘The Happiness Trap’ Russ Harris shares two different meanings of the word “happiness”.

The common meaning being “feeling good”. However “feeling good” slips away as fast as it comes.
You “feel good” as you pick up your new car, new dress or handbag,  only for the “feeling” to wear off as you strive for the next “feeling good” moment.

The second meaning is far less common it is “living a rich and meaningful life”

We feel we have a meaning and a purpose.

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Our aim is to help you be happy, be inspired and live a life of meaning and purpose.

Be happy. Be inspired.