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Welcome to Coaching to Success…

Be happy be inspired. Life is to be enjoyed not endured.
Unfortunately for many, endured seems to be the normal way of life.
Always pursuing happiness, striving but never arriving with success however success is defined being just around the next bend.

What does Be Happy Be Inspired actually mean?

The most common meaning of happiness is  feeling good.
Feeling a sense of pleasure, gladness or gratification.
We all enjoy feeling good, so it is no surprise that we chase that feeling.
Unfortunately feeling good doesn’t last.
Just think how quickly that emotion of feeling good subsides after enjoying a great meal, buying a new car or a new dress.

The far less coming meaning of happiness is living a life of meaning and purpose, living a rich and meaningful life.
Living a rich and meaningful life means we will experience every emotion.
How liberating and empowering to know that to experience every emotion is OK.
Once we know this, no longer do we struggle with ourselves when we feel such emotions.

What about inspiration?

Inspiration is different to motivation.
Motivation is an external force, a force that leaves you on a high.
Just like feeling good the motivational high dissolves over a few weeks, even after a few days.
Inspiration is something you feel within. Your inner spirit, your true self.
When you are inspired you are in flow.

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears.
The teacher may come in different forms, a person, a book, a film.
Be open and listen to the message.

One such message is right here in the Story Of  Belief

Story of Belief is a true story and is totally free.
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I promise I will not ‘bombard’ you with the latest never to be repeated offer.
Enjoy the Story of Belief.
I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

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Be Happy
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Steve Twynham



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